Cruise Ship Promenade

The Cruise Ship Promenade consists of four acres located between the Vincent Thomas Bridge and the Port of Los Angeles World Cruise Center. It was constructed by the Port of Los Angeles in 2004 at a cost of fourteen million dollars. It was one of the first improvements made to create the LA Waterfront project. It is a very pleasant place to take a stroll or just sit on a bench, chair or lounge and enjoy the view of the Cruise Center and the bridge. If you are in luck, you may be treated to the sight of one or more cruise ships at dock. The Promenade ends at the Catalina Express Terminal where there is a cafe. In addition to the recreational opportunity of a great walk, a Bocce Ball court and chess tables are located near the cafe.

The entire Cruise Ship Promenade is filled with dynamic public art incorporating wind activated sculpture, furniture, tile work, banners, kiosks, and signs. Parking is available. The Promenade is accessible to people with disabilities. The Promenade is located near the corner of Swinford Street and Harbor Boulevard and is easily reached from the Harbor Boulevard off-ramp of the Harbor (110) and CA-47 freeways. The first hour of parking is free. After the first hour, parking is $2.00 per hour with a maximum of $18.00. The Cruise Ship Promenade is a perfect place to spend a pleasant noon time break, a brisk morning stroll, or an evening walk.