Harbor Blvd. Parkway Promenade

Harbor Boulevard Parkway Promenade


The Harbor Boulevard Parkway Promenade is a pedestrian promenade that runs parallel to Harbor Boulevard, from Swinford Street to 5th Street in San Pedro. It connects the Fanfare Fountains and the Gateway Plaza to the Downtown Harbor. It passes by the USS Iowa Battleship and the fire boat station. The shady multi-use parkway is lined with trees that provide oxygen, cooling and sound dampening. There is a bike lane, pedestrian walkway, pocket parks, lighting, landscaping irrigation, signage and public art. At 2nd Street and Harbor Boulevard, the promenade features an interactive fountain where there is no boundary between people, pets and water, and folks can get as wet as they like in the water that gushes out of the pavement. It’s a great location for small children and animals to play freely and cool off at the same time. Construction was completed in 2005 at a total project cost of $23.4 million. The cost was paid by the Port of Los Angeles. The promenade is an excellent place for a stroll or a pleasant bike ride.